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Best Of: The 4 Steps to Framework Success in Your Public Speaking -  187

Sep 09, 2021

Have you got a framework that pulls your IP together and makes your idea, product or service more memorable?

I believe if you haven’t - you should!

Recently, something happened with one of my mastermind members that brought the content of this episode to mind.

She had been stuck with her messaging and content - yes, she was moving forward but it felt like she was wading through treacle, rather than being inspired, energised and motivated.

Then a conversation happened at a networking meeting which helped her to identify a framework for the process she takes her clients through.

Suddenly the clouds parted and this is what she said …

“This framework could then form the basis of all my conversations … I have to say it’s got me all fired up!”

So, if you’re lacking in motivation around your messaging, perhaps creating or refreshing your framework might help!

What’s also important is when you find it, you share it in the best way, and that’s why I’ve dug this episode out of the archives for you.


What this episode covers:

  • Why frameworks are important
  • How to make your audience engage with the framework before you even share it with them
  • How the same teaching framework will enable you to flex your talk to fill five minutes or five hours!
  • When you should stay at the strategy level and why.
  • The one thing you should always do with your framework to get your audience motivated to implement what you’re sharing.


Thanks for listening!

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