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Why We Need to Treat Our Audience Like Ebenezer Scrooge -  189

Sep 23, 2021

As you know I believe that speaking is marketing, it’s an opportunity to inspire, influence and lead an audience to make a change.

But getting anyone to shift perspective and do something differently is as challenging as getting a river to alter its course.

For most of us the status quo is more comfortable and subconsciously feels ‘safer’, even if it isn’t leading us to where we say we want to go. So … when you only have a short amount of time with your audience, how can you possibly motivate them to take action?

That’s what this show is all about. I’m going to be sharing the dynamics of change with you, so that you understand what levers you need to pull, to influence and lead change, and then I’m going to show you how to move them in the direction you want to go.


What you’ll discover:

  • The dynamics of change.
  • Why time is our friend in influencing change and what we can learn from Charles Dickens.
  • How this strategy works even if there is no tangible evidence for making a change.
  • The critical ingredients for making this strategy work.
  • What next?

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