Best Of: The Productivity Ninja Speaks with Graham Allcott – 193

Oct 21, 2021

Graham Allcott fell into productivity when he found his emails going into a big black hole.

He shifted from leading a team to working on his own and found that while had great ideas and could delegate well… he was not actually very good at getting things done. He did loads of research, carried out many productivity experiments and began to find the principles and systems that worked. That’s when he decided that other people could benefit from this stuff too.

After founding his company Think Productive, Graham went on to write Productivity Ninja, which is a worldwide best seller. Today his team works with companies all over the world, he is a speaker, and is currently working on other productivity related projects that will broaden the Ninja brand and help us work smarter.


What you’ll learn

  • Why it’s good to teach what you struggle to learn yourself
  • Why you should detach your ego from delegation
  • How clarity can overcome procrastination
  • Why it’s more interesting to not be the Guru.
  • How to develop positive productivity habits
  • How starting a business in a time of adversity can bring more opportunity
  • Why good design is important for all sorts of businesses
  • Why taking risks and having strong opinions can pay dividends
  • The main struggles around productivity
  • Why technological questions are always people problems
  • The silver bullet of productivity
  • The four steps to improve your productivity
  • How constraint can 10x your productivity
  • What attention management is and why it’s crucial for productivity
  • Why your will power won’t beat silicon-valley
  • Why you should get your inbox to zero
  • Why you should eat the rainbow
  • How getting mistaken for an employee as a speaker is a good thing
  • How comedy can help your speaking

All things Graham:

Graham’s Website –

Think Productive –

Beyond Busy Podcast –

Graham’s Books:

How to be a Productivity Ninja by Graham Allcott

How to be a Study Ninja by Graham Allcott

Get your In-Box to Zero


Books mentioned in the Show with Amazon Link:

Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela

Anyone Can Do It – My Story by Duncan Bannatyne

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