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The Art and Science of Successful Conversations - 196

Nov 11, 2021

You’ve probably heard many people share the importance of building networks and relationships in business.

You may also have heard myself and some of my guests talk about treating your speaking and marketing like a conversation.

The trouble is that ‘just having a conversation’ is easier said than done, and there are a number of things that can get in the way of us being good at this.

First of all there’s the lessons we had drummed into us as children - things like ‘don’t talk to strangers’ and ‘it’s rude to ask too many questions’.

Then there’s our own insecurities around whether we’ve got anything interesting to say or ask people.

Finally, there’s the feeling that it all seems so manufactured.

All of this can make having great conversations challenging, and that’s why I put this show together. I’m going to take you through the art and science of good conversation so that you can get better at this critical aspect of speaking and marketing.



What you’ll discover:

  • The Victorian conversation aid that’s still relevant today.
  • How your subconscious can scupper great conversations
  • What Ted Lasso can teach you about connecting with people.
  • When it’s the right time to share about your stuff.
  • The conversational mistakes that many people make
  • Tips for starting conversations with strangers.
  • And lots more!!


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