Big Conversations and Why they Matter with Sarah Rozenthuler - 199

Dec 02, 2021

Not all conversations are of equal importance. There are some that become pivotal to our life’s purpose and success. But how do we know which ones they are and how should we prepare for them? That’s where this show and Sarah Rozenthuler come in. 

Sarah is a chartered psychologist, dialogue coach and leadership consultant with over 15 years’ experience consulting to many of the biggest profit and not for profit organisations around the world, including BP, Discovery Inc, Standard Chartered Bank, the World Bank, Choice Support and Booktrust. 

With deep expertise in coaching teams, making dialogue authentic and connecting people with a compelling purpose, she inspires leaders, empowers teams and strengthens organizations to generate competitive advantage and become a force for good. 

Sarah is also the author of How to Have Meaningful Conversations (Watkins, 2012) and Powered by Purpose: Energise Your People To Do Great Work (FT Pearson, 2020.) Her work has been widely featured in the media including in the Financial Times, the Sunday Times, the Guardian and BBC Business online. 


What you’ll learn:

  • Why Sarah became a business psychologist.
  • What a dialogue coach is.
  • The difference between authentic dialogue and normal conversation.
  • How authentic dialogue can transform a team's performance and an individuals' well being.
  • What a life changing conversation is.
  • How to prepare for ‘Big’ conversations.
  • How speakers take these ways of communicating to connect more powerfully with an audience.
  • The core skills that leaders need to develop to navigate their way through these uncertain times.
  • Three tips for having more meaningful conversations
  • How Sarah uses stories and speaking to grow her business.

All things Sarah: 

Twitter @srozenthuler 


Conversations With God by Neale Donald Walsch



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