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How to Make the Most of Speaking Opportunities Whilst Staying True to You with Kaye King - 200

Dec 09, 2021

In this show I’m celebrating 200 episodes by sharing a case study interview. 

Speaking to an audience offers so many benefits, including building your brand and authority and helping you stand out from the crowd, whether that’s in a corporate environment or as a business owner.

So, when Kaye King was offered the chance to do a 45 minute keynote talk to an audience of 80 of her dream customers, she recognised the big opportunity it offered to share her mission, make a difference and grow her business. 

Kaye King works in the niche of marketing, a really competitive space, and she wanted to make sure that her talk not only engaged her audience, but showed how different her approach and message was from other marketing coaches. She also wanted to use the talk to make an offer to the audience but in a way that was true to her values and didn’t feel sleazy or uncomfortable for her or the audience.

In this case study interview Kaye shares what she did to make sure she made the most of this speaking opportunity and what happened as a result. 


What you’ll discover:

  • Kaye’s biggest challenges in putting the talk together including her fear of introducing an offer to her audience. 
  • How Kaye was measuring success in advance of the speaking event. 
  • How Kaye previously put her talks together.
  • What Kaye did differently to make sure she maximized the opportunity the talk offered. 
  • The importance of having a structure for your talk.
  • The big message Kaye wanted to get across and how spending time to identify that helped her build her content.
  • Why Kaye got external help for her messaging for the audience even though she is a marketing expert.
  • The preparation timeline Kaye set out for the talk. 
  • The ROI Kaye got on her investment including the specific results she got in terms of sales and feedback.
  • Why most corporate presentations break the biggest rule of a great talk.

And lots more!!

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