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Beyond Busy Podcast: Telling Your Story with Sarah Archer - 204

Jan 06, 2022

This week, the tables have turned and I'm the one answering questions on Graham Allcott’s Beyond Busy podcast. 

I was chuffed to be a guest on this great show and to share a bit more about my life and experiences relating to speaking, performance, storytelling and my time in the corporate world. 

I talk about the time I was failing in my corporate job and the valuable life lesson I learned. How I manage my expectations around success for my comedy shows and plays.

The big mistake people make around selling a change, idea, products and services and what’s important for a great elevator pitch. 

Plus I’m sharing my views on authenticity, overcoming fear, storytelling, and much more.



What you’ll learn:

  • What it’s like taking shows to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival
  • What happened when I only had one person in the audience.
  • How I deal with the nerves and feelings of vulnerability that can arise when I’m performing solo shows or my own plays.
  • Why you need to detach your identity from your work.
  • A process for looking and managing the thoughts that come up for us when we put ourselves and our ideas out there.
  • Where the fear of public speaking comes from.
  • What the ‘anxiety gap’ is and how we can manage it.
  • Things you can do to increase your confidence around public speaking.
  • What makes a good elevator pitch.
  • The four questions people want answered before they will say ‘yes’.
  • How to make mundane things exciting for people.
  • The big mistake people make with their message.
  • Why stories are so powerful.
  • Why I thought authenticity was important enough to do a TEDx talk on.
  • What you need to do when something unexpected happens when you’re speaking.
  • What success means to me.
  • Why it’s important to compartmentalize work and life.

All things Beyond Busy:




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