The Power of Speaking and the Lessons of Losing it All with Peter Roper - 207

Jan 27, 2022

Peter Roper has ridden the rollercoaster of business success. 

After many successful years in a corporate career, where he was responsible for a company turning over £38 million, Peter set out to create his own business in 1996. 

The journey as a business owner was not easy and led to some of the biggest challenges of his life, and the greatest insights about business success. 

Alongside his business journey, Peter has been a professional speaker, President of the Professional Speakers’ Association and author of best selling books.

In 2015, Peter formed the Family Business Practice, to help family business owners successfully develop the skills, experience and networking community that enable their businesses to thrive.

This episode is going to deliver speaking and business gold, and I’m so excited to share it with you.


What you’ll learn:

  • The roller coaster business and life journey that led Peter to what he does today.
  • The three biggest lessons Peter learned from his experience.
  • Why he created an organization focussed specifically on family businesses.
  • How Peter’s long, professional speaking career started. 
  • What makes a great speaker.
  • What a ‘natural’ speaker is
  • Three tips to help people shift towards more ‘natural’ speaking.
  • How Peter decides what to include in each talk.
  • Why Peter believes everyone should develop their speaking skills.

All things Peter: 


And Death Came Third … by Andy Lopata and Peter Roper

Running on Empty by Peter Roper

Positive Personality Profiles by Dr Robert Rohm



Thanks for listening!


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