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Stimulating Serendipity: How to Be Luckier in Speaking and Business - 212

Mar 03, 2022

How lucky are you?

Does it matter if you are lucky or not when it comes to success in business and speaking?

What if you’ve been looking at the matter of luck in completely the wrong way.

In this episode, I’m going to show you that you can increase your chances of being lucky, and as a result create more success for yourself. 

Lucky people leave breadcrumbs for us to follow and I’m going to be sharing what those are so that you can become the architect, rather than a victim of chance. 

Then in relation to speaking and business specifically, I’m going to give you the equivalent of a four leafed clover so that you can confidently grab opportunities and move forward in your mission.


What you’ll discover:

  • Why luck isn’t entirely down to chance.
  • How you can influence luck in four different ways.
  • A different way to look at luck that gives you more control over your success.
  • How to create more chance of success in speaking.
  • The four leaf clover of speaking.

And lots more!!

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