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Why You Should Always Lead with Emotion in Your Speaking and How to Do it - 214

Mar 17, 2022

It’s no secret that telling stories is the single most powerful tool you can have in your speaking and marketing.

But not all stories are created equal. 

There are some that are simply a series of events pulled together into a narrative arc that certainly meet the definition of a ‘story’. 

And then, there are the others … 

… the stories that get into your head and your heart and cause you to feel something… maybe anger, hope or laughter.

And that makes you want to share them, and then that story becomes your story. 

So, what is it that sets these two types of stories apart?


Emotional stories win attention, keep your audience GLUED, and take them on a journey, but the big question is how do you make a story emotional?

That’s what you’ll discover in this episode!


What you’ll learn:

  • The tools of emotion
  • Where you should use them
  • How to turn emotion into a burning platform for action
  • Why you should lead with emotion
  • How you can create emotion even when the subject matter seems very dry.

And lots more!!

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