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What do TV Documentaries Have to Do with Whether You Should Use Slides in Your Talks? - 216

Mar 31, 2022

There is lots of information out there around how to use slides in the right way, and indeed I covered this in great detail in podcast episode 082 The Seven Deadly Slide Sins and How to Avoid them. 

But what there isn’t much on is the answer to the question of whether you should use them in the first place, which is one I’ve been asked a lot recently.

So, in this episode I want to give you my definitive answer to the question ‘Should I use Slides’ and explain why I came to that conclusion.

I hope it gives you a few ahas and helps you to have more impact when you speak.


What you’ll learn:

  • My view on whether speakers should use slides
  • What the ‘Tinder Swindler’ and ‘Inventing Anna’ can teach us about using slides. 
  • What a visual anchor is and how to use them when you talk. 
  • Myths around slide use
  • Alternatives to using slides

And more!!

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