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How You Can Share Your Passion and Purpose on the Page with AnnMarie Wyncoll - 218

Apr 14, 2022

Have you got a story to tell?

Do you have a big message to share?

Perhaps you should consider writing a book.

Just like a great talk, a book is a fantastic way to bring that message or story alive for people and in a way that you can scale… as long as it’s done in the right way.

But there are many potential traps waiting to slow you down, or stop you from getting the book finished and out into the world, that’s where this show can help.

My guest AnnMarie Wyncoll is an author and founder of Begin a Book. Her desire to become an author was born when she had an epiphany about her life with a toilet brush in her hand. 

Unfortunately, her journey was fraught with obstacles to overcome, but she didn’t give up and eventually she held her first book in her hands.

Today, through her company Begin a Book, she makes the book creation process stress free and easy for other aspiring authors. 

In this show, she will be sharing how to avoid the pitfalls of publishing and she’ll also be giving you some brilliant advice to make sure your book has the best chance of reaching the people who need to read it.


What you’ll discover:

  • What a toilet brush moment is and what caused AnnMarie to have hers.
  • What made her switch from being a part-time author to launching a book company.
  • The people who AnnMarie thinks shouldn’t write a book. 
  • The three big traps people can fall into on the book creation journey.
  • The three things AnnMarie had wished she’d known before she wrote and published her first book.
  • What’s better - self-publishing or working with a publishing company.
  • How you should tackle talking about real people.
  • How you should handle quotes in books.
  • The best ways to go about promoting your book once you have it.
  • How AnnMarie uses speaking in her business.

All things AnnMarie:


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