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The Difference Between Inspirational and Motivational Speaking - 226

Jun 09, 2022

I see so many people with a great story to tell and an important message to share getting deflated and frustrated after their talks. 

Even after people in the audience come up after and say…

“that was so inspirational … thank you” 

They get upset and frustrated because despite being inspired, no-one takes action. 

And when that happens it leads to the inevitable question.

What am I doing wrong? 

The problem is that so many people confuse being ‘inspirational’ with being ‘motivational’. But being inspirational isn’t enough.

Your talk also needs to create the desire in your audience to do something. Which is what ‘motivational’ actually means.

And that’s what this show will help you to do. 


What you’ll learn:

  • The difference between inspirational and motivational.
  • The three things you need to do to make a story motivational. 
  • How you make a story matter to your audience.
  • What levers you have to pull to get them into action.
  • How you take an inspirational talk and make it motivational.
  • Why you need a deep understanding of your audience to make this work.

And more!!

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