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Vibrating at the Right Frequency When You Speak - 235

Sep 01, 2022

In the last episode of the show I shared 12 podcasts that could help to level up your speaking skills. I also told you that my intention is that anyone I work with, through my programmes and this podcast has compelling content AND charisma as a speaker. 

Speaking skills and delivering your message confidently are a big part of that, but there is one thing that separates the speakers you remember from those you forget. The speakers whose message lands with your heart as well as your head, and that thing is what I want to talk to you about today. 


What you’ll learn:

  • What made the difference between a four star and five star show review and why it’s relevant to your speaking.
  • The missing ‘thing’ that will make audiences remember you and your message.
  • What might be stopping you from achieving this. 
  • How Jackie discovered the ‘thing’ and the difference it made.
  • The route to access your power.

And more!!

TED Talk Link:

Why My Identity is a Superpower Not an Obstacle - America Ferrera TED Talk

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Episode 224 - The Confidence ‘Catch 22’ for Using Stories and Humour in Speaking

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