Where There’s a Will There’s a Voice with Shrenik Shah - 236

Sep 08, 2022

Shrenik Shah has been described as the ‘Yoda’ and ‘Mr Myagi’ of cancer. 

At the age of 44 he was working in marketing to support his family, when he started to get unwell, he lost weight, began to lose his voice and after about six months of deterioration he decided to go to the Doctor. 

The diagnosis was stage four vocal cord cancer, and he was given an ultimatum by a cancer surgeon … lose your voice or lose your life. 

When he heard this he felt like his world was crashing down around him, but he trusted the surgeon and clung to hope.

It was 26 years ago this week that Shrenik beat stage four vocal cord cancer, and although he lost the physical ability to speak, he was determined not to lose his voice.

He felt compelled to share his story, so that others with and without cancer around the world could be inspired to find the courage to keep fighting for what they want. His work has benefited so many people in the field of laryngeal cancer and has motivated all the laryngectomees across the globe to never give up.

Cancer has destroyed Shrenik's body. The treatment had a profound effect on his health. But it couldn't touch his will to win. I hope you enjoy his story. 

What you’ll discover:

  • How Shrenik remains so cheerful
  • The story of his cancer journey and how he found his voice. 
  • How he made the mindset shift to beat the odds. 
  • What happened after he got the all clear 26 years ago.
  • Why he felt compelled to share his story.
  • How he felt before his first speaking gig after the surgery.
  • How he keeps the audience engaged even though he can’t use pitch and tone. 
  • What he plans to do next. 

All things Shrenik:


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