Applying the Psychology of Sports Performance to Sales Success with Phil Coley - 238

Sep 22, 2022

Phil Coley started off his business journey as a sports psychologist working with olympians, world and European champions in a variety of sports and disciplines.


Phil’s ability to influence team performance in the sports arena was spotted by a business leader, who wanted to achieve the same success with his sales team. This led Phil to train 100 sales managers and initiated his switch from sports to business performance. 

He started his own consultancy in 2007 and after initial success ended up losing everything, and having to start again… teaching him some of the most critical business lessons of all. 

Today, Phil has a number of successful business interests including a sales & marketing agency, accountancy firm, recruitment company, digital publishing and wellbeing business. He and his business partner Phil and Mark have also developed their ‘SIMPLE’ programme which helps business owners have their own 'playbook' based on 6 key pillars.

He is on the show to share his sales, business and speaking tips to help you grow your brand, audience and success.



What you’ll discover:

  • The difference between sports psychology and sales psychology
  • The work Phil did with high performing sports teams and athletes
  • Why Phil switched from sports psychology to sales
  • The biggest mistakes Phil has made on his business journey and why.
  • The constants for sales success despite the ever changing landscape
  • The levers that business owners should focus on to generate the biggest sales results.
  • How Phil uses speaking to grow his business.
  • How stories fit into the sales equation.


All things Phil: 



Tackling Life: Striving for My Type of Perfection by Jonny Wilkinson



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