Getting Yourself in the Frame with Marcus Ahmad - 240

Oct 06, 2022

A lot of the heavy lifting for your brand is done by the image you present to your target audience offstage. 

People not only look at your credentials and experience, but also your photo to gauge how you come across and whether you’ll be a right fit for them or their audience. 

That profile picture of you is often the start of the ‘know, like, trust’ journey and it’s important that you don’t fall at the first hurdle. So, as well as investing in developing your content and speaking skills, you also need to pay attention to your photo as another marketing asset. 

That’s why I’ve bought Marcus Ahmad onto the show. He started his career in fashion photography leading shoots across the globe, including Paris, New York and London. From there he became a professor of photography, teaching today’s hot shots how to capture the ‘hot shot’! 

More recently, he has switched into working with speakers, coaches and businesses, specialising in commercial branding shoots. He is here to help you nail your brand photos and more!


What you’ll discover:

  • How Marcus ended up doing what he does today.
  • Why he believes that the single image is more powerful than the moving image.
  • How your marketing plan should influence the way your branding shots are taken.
  • Why you should pay attention to the background in your headshot.
  • What storytelling photography is.
  • How Marcus approaches photographing speakers, and why it’s a bit different to normal brand photography.
  • Tips for making sure your branding photos and linkedIn profile give you the best chance of standing out visually.
  • How Marcus has used speaking and storytelling to grow his business.

All things Marcus:


Ikigai - The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life by Hector Garcia and Francesc Moralles


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