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My Five in Five Discoveries for Success and Happiness - 241

Oct 14, 2022

Five years ago, I launched The Speaking Club and it’s been an interesting journey. From me talking to myself in a little cubby hole, wondering if anyone would listen, to the show being downloaded in over 190 countries and it becoming a top 1% podcast, regularly in the charts.

To recognise this milestone, I decided that I wanted to share my biggest learnings over the past five years, some of which I’ve already covered with you in podcast episodes and some which haven’t. 

I hope that some of the aha moments I’ve had and share with you here, will help you too. Maybe as a new concept that gives you insight and shifts something that might be holding you back, or as a reminder for something you know but has bobbed below the surface.

Where there is a companion episode, I’ll point you to it in case you want to dig deeper. 


What you’ll discover:

  • The counter intuitive positioning for growing your audience
  • Why letting go of what you want is the best way to get it.
  • The critical distinction between intention and attention.
  • The concepts of hot and cold cognition.
  • When being competitive can lead to less not more.

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