Why Wealth is Your Birthright with Susie Carder - 244

Nov 03, 2022

Susie Carder started business life as a hairdresser working for someone else, but she knew that she’d only realise her dreams of wealth, security and success if she started her own business. 

Even though she was a single mum with 2 little girls to support, she went on to create, not one, but two $10 Million companies! Speaking mixed with her super power of implementing simple systems have created growth for her own business and many clients too. 

She has helped over 100,000 entrepreneurs increase their revenues by more than 3000% and worked with top business moguls including John Assaraf, Lisa Nichols, Steve Harvey, Doug Carter, and Paul Mitchell. Her newest book (number 10) ‘Power Your Profits' is a bulletproof start-to-finish plan for taking your business from startup mode to the multi-million-dollar mark.

And even with all that success she is down to earth, generous and authentic and I know you’re going to get so much value from this interview.



What you’ll discover:

  • Why Susie credits speaking for getting her hair salon to a quarter of a million turnover when the industry average was $30,000
  • How she approached her talks initially and how that has changed over the years. 
  • How Susie uses stories to share her message.
  • The impact that ‘coming from a culture of lack’ had on her business and how she changed things. 
  • Her secrets to building multimillion dollar companies.
  • The one thing every business owner must do to build a company.
  • Her biggest lesson in growing and building a business.
  • What she would do differently if she had to do it all again. 


All things Susie:

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Power Your Profits by Susie Carder

The E-Myth by Michael Gerber



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