How to Stop Networking Feeling as ‘Awkward as Arse’! with Charlie Lawson - 246

Dec 01, 2022

Very few people feel like ‘natural’ networkers and most people feel uncomfortable in business networking situations. Part of that discomfort stems from how we position ‘networking’ in our minds, and a lot of it is down to how we prepare for the event.

Networking, just like speaking, has never been bigger. Online networking is still as popular as it was during the pandemic for many reasons, and now in-person networking is back in play. 

And regardless of how you feel about it … the bottom line is that if you want to grow your career or business then you must build relationships and grow your network. If you know that you’re avoiding networking or you want to get better at it so that you can rock 2023, then you’re in the right place. 

That’s because my guest on this show is Charlie Lawson. Until relatively recently, Charlie was the UK head of one of the biggest networking organisations, BNI. On top of that he has written two books of networking - ‘The Unnatural Networker’ and ‘The Unnatural Promoter’, and he is also an international speaker on the subject.

He is on a mission to show people and organisations how to generate more leads and grow their profits through networking, and he is here to share some great tips with you! 


What you’ll discover:

  • Why Charlie calls himself an unnatural networker. 
  • How his feelings about networking used to impact his networking success. 
  • What he did to go from feeling uncomfortable about networking to leading the BNI in the UK 13 years.
  • How Charlie prepares for a networking event.
  • What being a networking superhero looks like.
  • Why and how you should lead the networking conversation with differentiation.
  • The ingredients of a good elevator pitch.
  • How to use stories in networking.
  • How speaking has helped Charlie build his brand and business. 
  • The big mistakes people making when they network.
  • Tips for getting more referrals and business.

All things Charlie:



The Unnatural Networker by Charlie Lawson

The Unnatural Promoter by Charlie Lawson


Start With Why by Simon Sinek

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni


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