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How to Build Rapport with an Audience and Why You Should do it - 253

Nov 30, -0001

There are more platforms available for speakers to share their message than ever before. There are also more people speaking than ever before. This means that when the opportunities arise for you to speak, you have to make them count. 

To stand out from the hoardes of wannabe speakers you must have three things, value driven content, a presentation style that is engaging and compelling, and a talk that builds a relationship with your audience. 

In this show I’ll be focusing on sharing the principles of making that connection with your audience so that your talk gets you the results you want. 



What you’ll discover:

  • Why you must build a relationship with your audience when you speak
  • The mistakes to avoid
  • The connection points you need to build into your talk
  • Prerequisites for building rapport as a speaker
  • Next steps

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