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How to Write and be Understood with Anne Janzer - 255

Feb 16, 2023

Great speakers do two things better than other people…

They create content that is designed to connect with their audience where they are and engage them in new and compelling possibilities for the future; and

They deliver it in a way that builds rapport, entertains and motivates them to take the next step.

The truth is that whilst the way they do them might be different, authors must also accomplish these two things in their books. 

That’s where my guest today comes in.

Anne Janzer is a nonfiction book coach and the author of multiple award-winning books on writing, including The Writer’s Process and Writing to Be Understood. 

She is fascinated by human behaviour and cognitive science, and is always looking for clues about how we communicate more effectively. And she loves talking about the geeky aspects of writing and communicating.


In this show, Anne and I will be discussing her transformative ideas for writers and how these concepts also apply in the world of speaking. 

Whether you want to become a more powerful writer or speaker, this show is something you won’t want to miss. 


What you’ll discover:

  • The epiphany that led Anne’s work to straddle the worlds of neuro-science and writing.
  • How to better understand the readers’ needs and context so that your message connects.
  • What ‘cognitive load’ is and why non-fiction writers who aspire to be read should care about it.
  • The reader’s curiosity sweet spot and how it applies to talks
  • The number one mistake that business book writers make.
  • Anne’s three biggest tips for turning technical and abstract ideas and information into compelling and memorable content.
  • How to recognise and write for a ‘resistant audience’ 
  • ‘Need for Closure’ and ‘Moral Taste Buds’ - Two critical concepts for managing your audience journey.
  • The most powerful writing and speaking tool of all. 

All things Anne:

Email: [email protected]


Non fiction survey


Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman

Writing to Be Understood, What Works and Why by Anne Janzer


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