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Thrutopia - The New Storytelling Genre with the Power to Change Everything with Manda Scott - 258

Nov 30, -0001

As speakers we are using stories to affect our audience. At the bare minimum a story will entertain. When you begin to infuse the story with emotions, fears and desires that your audience shares then it becomes engaging at the next level.

But if we truly want our audience to shift into action then our stories must show transformation, and this is the type of story that I teach speakers to use in their talks.

When I heard about Manda Scott’s new take on transformational storytelling for writers, I wanted to get her on the show to find out more.

Manda has had an interesting journey from veterinary surgeon, to best-selling novelist, to founder of the ‘Accidental Gods’ movement and podcast, and the Thrutopian genre of writing.

Her own story is fascinating and she shares some experiences she has had that you might find challenging, because they feel so far removed from ‘convention’.

There is so much value and importance in what she shares, and if you want to effect real change as a speaker, then this show is for you.


What you’ll discover:

  • Why we are not fixed to one path or purpose and how Manda discovered each new chapter of her life.
  • The concept of ‘accidental gods’ and what this means for each of us
  • What the new ‘Thrutopian’ writing genre is and its power to make change a reality.
  • How speakers can use the ‘Thrutopian’ approach to bring new possibilities into being.
  • The importance of intuition and ways that we can get more in touch with our true self.
  • Why fear is our biggest enemy.
  • How we can connect better with each other and the world around us
  • Manda’s view of the essential elements of a story that gets people into action
  • The secret to writing a best selling book.

All things Manda:



The Eagle of the Ninth by Rosemary Sutcliff

The Kingdoms by Natasha Pulley


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