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Telling Stories and Creating Legacies with Jo Gatford - 267

Nov 30, -0001

As you may know in addition to teaching people how to become awesome speakers, I am a writer, and that’s how I first discovered Jo Gatford.

I was writing my second play, and needed some concentrated time to focus on getting it written, queue Writers HQ.

Jo Gatford is an award-winning writer of short and long fiction and the co-founder of Writers' HQ. It’s an organisation dedicated to providing low-cost writing courses and resources to arse-kicking writers with no time or money. In the past five years Writers' HQ has given away over £10,000 of writing courses and retreats to under-represented and systemically excluded writers, and seen hundreds of students go on to be published and win prestigious literary prizes!

Jo has worked as an editor and copywriter for over 15 years and has been teaching creative writing workshops for almost a decade.

You’ll probably be aware that the best talks are full of stories, and in this show Jo is sharing her thoughts on storytelling, what can get in the way of creation, as well as a few tips and hacks to get your stories moving.


What you’ll discover:

  • How Jo became a writer.
  • What inspired Jo to write her first novel, "White Lies" and what challenges she had to overcome whilst writing it.
  • How the process of writing a short story differs from writing a longer piece.
  • Some of the common pitfalls or challenges that storytellers often face.
  • Tips for making your story work.
  • How to ensure maximum productivity and focus whilst doing creative work.
  • What Writers HQ is and how it could help you realise your writing dreams!

All things Jo:


Twitter: @writers_hq
Facebook /writershq
Instagram @writershq

Jo Gatford:

Twitter: @jmgatford

Books & Resources*:

The dog of The Marriage by Amy Hempel


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