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[Quick Tip] Commit to the Hook of Your Talk - 272

Oct 20, 2023

One of the most important parts of your talk is the opening, because you have to grab the attention of your audience and show why the talk is relevant for them.

What I’ve noticed recently with some of my clients, is that their ‘hook’, (or ‘lightning bolt’ as I call it), is good, but they aren’t fully committing to it, and that is weakening the opening and the connection with the audience and the topic they’re speaking about.

So … I thought I’d share the coaching and feedback I gave them with you, so that you avoid this issue, and make the start of your talk rock!

In this show I’m covering:

  • The triggers for attention recap.
  • Three potential ‘lightning bolt’ options to hook your audience.
  • The problem and an illustration.
  • What to do instead.
  • Why it works
  • Tips for building this skill


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