The Art of Explanation with Ros Atkins - 274

Nov 10, 2023

It’s often said that the real experts are the ones that can make the complex easy to understand, and Ros Atkins is an expert on making things easy to understand … so I guess that would make him the expert’s expert!

As a journalist, and BBC News' Analysis Editor, Ros Atkins has presented and reported on the biggest stories around the world for twenty years.

He's also the creator of the critically acclaimed 'Ros Atkins on...' video series, which has become a phenomenon, garnering millions of views. His ability to explain complex stories in a clear, concise and consumable way has led to him being dubbed the nation's 'Explainer-in-Chief'.

On this show he is sharing his stories from the front lines of news reporting, the mistakes he made, and how he discovered the secret to the art of explanation. You’ll also get some fantastic tips that will improve your communication generally, and will power up your content and delivery.


What you’ll discover:

  • The mission Ros is trying to accomplish with his book ‘The Art of Explanation’
  • Why we shouldn’t give up when something seems complicated to explain and what to do instead.
  • What music can teach us about communication.
  • The huge lesson that Ros learned from another reporter that uplevelled his communication.
  • Tips for using visuals with your talks so that they are adding rather than taking away from the message.
  • Some techniques for improving clarity and conciseness in your message.
  • A journalist’s view on how to use stories in the best way.
  • What ‘back annos’ are and why they are a valuable tool for speakers.

All things Ros:

Books & Resources*:

What is history by E.H. Carr


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