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Dare to be Different with Kyla Skinner - 275

Nov 23, 2023

How often, when it comes to writing in your business, has the blank page beaten you?

I’ve seen so many people get stopped, or never share what they have written because they don’t think it’s good enough, or they are worried about being judged.

Just like when you speak, in your business writing too, you get an amazing confidence boost from knowing that your message is good, that your content will make you stand out and connect with your target audience.

When that happens you’re excited to put yourself out there.

So how do you shift from stuck to successful?

How do you go from getting underwhelming results with your business writing, to your audience saying … “this person gets me and my problem, I think I need to work with them”?

That’s where this show comes in.

My guest today is Kyla Skinner, copywriter and business writing mentor.

She helps business owners harness the power of personality to better connect with their audience, stand out in today’s increasingly noisy market and attract new clients – so they can grow their business, not hold it back.

As a fully accredited introvert, Kyla had herself felt shy, nervous and reluctant about showing her own personality.

But that changed when she discovered the huge impact it made on growing her fledgling freelance business.

Now, she’s an experienced (and award-winning) strategic copywriter, who’s built her copywriting and brand language business, The Jarrah Consultancy, primarily through word-of-mouth referrals. Over the past 20 years, Kyla has helped to position and promote hundreds of brands, including many big name, global market leaders.

Today, she also encourages coaches, consultants and small business owners to tap into all this insight and expertise via her dedicated membership community, Copy Café.


What you’ll discover:

  • How Kyla became a copywriter and why personality matters to her.
  • The problem with generic writing and using tools like chat GPT.
  • What it means to ‘show’ your personality in your writing and the difference it makes to your message.
  • Why small business owners struggle to connect with their audience in their copy.
  • The three words that Kyla wrote for a Subaru ad that tells a big story.
  • How to approach ‘daring to be different’ if you are more introverted.
  • The difference between bland business writing versus writing with personality.
  • The gap that Kyla found small business owners falling into, and how she filled it.
  • Examples of results business owners have got by stepping out of their comfort zone.
  • Three tips for how to get more personality into your writing in a way that feels natural and not forced.
  • The surprising differences Kyla experienced as a copywriter creating her own signature talk.
  • How speaking has been working for Kyla and her business

All things Kyla:

Books & Resources*:

Maverick! By Ricardo Semler

The Blue Place by Nicola Griffith


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