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A Powerful Way to Raise Your Speaking Profile with Elliot Kay - 287

Apr 05, 2024

How can you get the edge as a professional speaker?

What can you do to make yourself more marketable?

Well today on the show, my guest Elliot Kay, will be sharing valuable insights on how to achieve just that through The Speaker Awards.

Elliot is co-founder of the speaker awards, a speaking coach, and a professional speaker.

About three years ago, he saw a huge gap for speakers, and had a big idea to fill it.

That’s when The Speaker Awards were born, and over those three years they have gone from strength to strength.

Eliot has gathered the great and the good from the speaking industry and you are going to be getting insights and behind the scenes info that will help you raise your profile, whether you enter the awards or not.

We’re going to be talking about the awards, the judges, the categories and the criteria, and tips for applying and winning and having more impact with your speaking in general.

So strap in and listen, as this episode will give you so much value to move your speaking career forward.

What you’ll discover:

  • Why Elliot created the Speaker Awards.
  • Who should enter the speaker awards.
  • Why you should consider entering.
  • How to decide what category of the awards you should enter.
  • What happens if you qualify for more than one category?
  • How the judges were selected for the awards.
  • Why there are three judges per category.
  • The definition of ‘stage presence’ from two speaking coaches.
  • How to go about making yourself ‘marketable’ even if you are in a highly competitive niche.
  • The speaker ‘assets’ you need to get booked.
  • How important the speaker reel production value is in helping you get paid.
  • Elliot’s tips for speakers who want to enter the speaker awards.
  • The three most important areas to focus on to develop your speaking to an award winning standard.
  • What the speaker summit is and why you should a ttend.

All things Elliot:

Books & Resources*:

Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch

How They Blew It: The CEOs and Entrepreneurs Behind Some of the World's Most Catastrophic Business by Jamie Oliver and Tony Goodwin


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