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[Insights] Using Your Voice in Public Speaking with Jay Miller, Helen Langford, Kristin Linklater and Sarah Archer - 217

Apr 07, 2022

Your voice is one of the most neglected, yet most important tools you have as a public speaker. 

Your ability to be heard clearly, to last out the talk energetically, and to connect powerfully with the emotions of your audience are all reliant on your voice.

That’s why for the first of the insights episodes, I have pulled together highlights from some of the best voice artists and teachers to help you ensure that you are looking after and fully utilising this incredible instrument. 

First up, joining me on the show is Jay Miller. Jay has spent the last 20 years training speakers, actors and business people how to develop a great voice, as well as overcome anxiety around public speaking. He is now one of Canada’s finest voice and speech coaches, appearing across the Canadian media, and his work has had a profound effect, not only on building compelling and engaging voices, but also on the lives of those people that work with him. 


Helen Langford is a voice actor, who absolutely loves the sound of her own voice … and so do lots of others. She works for many corporate clients, including household names, and every day she tells stories, explains tricky concepts, promotes brilliant ideas and gets to be somebody new!

Kristin Linklater has sadly passed away since recording the original interview, which makes what she shares even more precious. She had a long and distinguished career as a teacher and actor in Europe and America, working with some of the most prestigious theatre companies and dramatic institutions in the world. She also wrote one of the seminal books on voice technique based on hearing ‘the person, not the voice


What you’ll discover: 


  • The distinction between projection and speaking louder. 
  • Why you should treat your voice like a plant you love.
  •  A tip you can use to sound better tomorrow and develop vocal stamina. (YouTube Link)


  • How you can influence the emotional state of your audience 
  • Things that can affect the pitch of your voice as a public speaker 
  • Tips for getting more pitch variation


  • How to avoid the droning voice.
  • Why your voice is never fully dressed without a smile 
  • The difference between pitch and tone
  • Simple vocal warm up exercises you can do at the side of the stage. 



  • The connection between mind, body and voice.  
  • Examples of bad voice habits and how they impact the quality of our performance? 
  • How trying to control our voice reduces our vocal stamina.
  • Why public speakers must ‘feel’ the words and not hide behind a presentational tone.

Guest Links:

All things Jay:

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Discounted video course

Jay Miller: The Back Exercise Video -

All things Helen:

All things Kristin:

Freeing the Natural Voice by Kristin Linklater 

Freeing Shakespeare’s Voice by Kristin Linklater

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The consonant scale warm up:

Ba ba ba bee, ba ba ba baa, ba ba ba, bee, bee, bee, baa, baa, baa, boo, boo, boo

Ca ca ca cee, ca ca ca caa, ca ca ca cee, cee, cee caa, caa, caa, coo, coo, coo

And so on!

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