The Story of the Early Warning System that Could Save Your Life with Verla Fortier - 221

May 05, 2022

With a Master's in Health Science, Verla Fortier is a former Director of Surgery at The Toronto Hospitals in Toronto, Ontario and a retired Associate Professor of Nursing at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. 

She is also a returning guest to The Speaking Club, and she is back because she has written a new book that I believe will save lives.

In episode 88, her first interview with me, she shared her own story of what happened when she was diagnosed with systemic lupus just a few days before she was due to retire to her hometown of Manitoba. 

That led to her writing her first book, ‘Take Back Your Outside Mindset’, creating a podcast, and becoming a speaker and expert about green space. If you haven’t heard that interview then do have a listen.

At around the same time she received her lupus diagnosis, Verla’s lifelong friend Lesley, died of a sudden cardiac arrest on a three day road trip. Verla couldn’t understand why it happened, because Lesley had been a healthy woman. 

The mystery surrounding Lesley’s passing stopped Verla from being able to accept and grieve the passing of her best friend. It haunted her so much that as soon as she was strong enough, she set out to solve it.

Her latest book is the result of that investigation, and what Verla discovered about what happened to her friend on that road trip is shocking.


What you’ll discover:

  • Why Verla felt compelled to write this book.
  • How Verla unraveled the mystery of her best friend’s death. 
  • Verla’s thoughts on why conventional medicine so far behind in relation to this research.
  • What your heart variability measurement is and how it can act as an early warning system for ill health and save lives.
  • Some of the myths and mistakes around managing your heart health that are putting people at risk.
  • How to look after your heart if you live in a city
  • Why you need to take more responsibility for protecting your heart.
  • How going outside for just three minutes a day can make you more sexy.
  • How Verla is planning to use speaking to get the message out there.

All things Verla:

Website -

Take Back Your Outside Mindset by Verla Fortier

Take Back Your Outside Mindset Workbook by Verla Fortier

Optimise Your Heart Rate by Verla Fortier


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