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[Insights] Framing and Managing Anxiety Around Public Speaking- 228

Jun 23, 2022

Everyone, to some degree, has anxiety around speaking, and it can affect us all in different ways. Maybe it affects your ability to relax, try new things and show your personality when you speak, or maybe anxiety is paralyzing you, and keeping you stuck and small. 


That’s why in this episode I’ve gathered together insights from experts with different perspectives on managing anxiety and fear, and thrown my own two penneth into the mix for you to consider. What Mark, Clare, Tim, Colette and I share will give you some new ways to look at anxiety and tips for managing it, so that you can begin to fully step into your speaking power. 


If you want to start speaking, or feel more at ease on stage, so that you can be fully self expressed … sharing your passion, purpose and personality with more impact then listen up! 




What you'll discover

Mark Visser:

  • The mind-body connection and the sequence in which our bodies shut down because of fear.
  • How Mark nearly blacked out with fear the first time he spoke!
  • Mark’s tips for managing future based ‘imagined’ fear. 


Tim Box:

  • A new way to frame anxiety.
  • Tips for managing anxiety.
  • Tips for managing anxiety related to public speaking. 

Dr Clare Roberts:

  • The different mental and physical aspects of anxiety.
  • The physical symptoms of public speaking anxiety and how to minimize them. 
  • Using graded exposure to overcome fear and build confidence.
  • Techniques to get you into your ‘speaking’ performance state.

Colette Etheridge:

  • Whether anxiety is an illness or a state of mind.
  • The difference between types of anxiety and phobias.
  • How fear of speaking on stage or on video is driven by our beliefs.


Sarah Archer

  • Tactics for tackling ‘bad’ stories.
  • What we’re really scared of.
  • The two most powerful tools you can deploy in your life to become unstoppable.

 Guest Links:


All things Mark:


Facebook: @MarkVisser


The Big Wave Method by Mark Visser

All things Tim: 

@timboxmindcoach (Instagram) (Facebook)

TEDx - How to Stop Feeling Anxious About Anxiety by Tim Box


All things Clare:


All things Colette:

Full Episode Links

141 - Wave Goodbye to Your Fears with Mark Visser

177 - Taking Back Control of Your Future with Tim Box

208 - Overcoming the Different Dimensions of Public Speaking Anxiety with Dr Clare Roberts

113 - Understanding Anxiety and how To Beat It with Colette Etheridge

91 - Breaking Free From ‘Bad Stories’ by Sarah Archer

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