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[Insights] on Making Complex Ideas Simple, Relatable and Engaging

Sep 15, 2022

Over my career, I’ve worked with lots of scientists, IT specialists and engineers, and I know that sometimes it can be challenging to communicate complicated concepts and ideas in a way that’s simple enough for your audience to understand. However, those people who can do this successfully stand out from the crowd and are sought after as speakers and leaders. 


That’s why in this insights episode, I’ve reached into the archives and picked extracts from my episodes tackling this issue, alongside those from other experts spanning the disciplines of science, engineering and law who have developed a reputation, or had success in making the complex compelling to the layperson.


You’re going to get ideas, tools and techniques for making your presentations scintillating and accessible for audiences, even if the information you’re sharing is highly technical.




What you’ll discover: 

Karin Layton:

  • How facts and technical details can get in the way of the message.
  • What Karin did differently to prepare for her presentation.
  • How stories and metaphors can work in a technical presentation.
  • Why you’ve got to kill your darlings.

 Sarah Archer (Technically Speaking!):

  • Tools that you can use to present your data in a way that engages your audience.


Malcolm Gregory:

  • Why stories are vital to make difficult content engaging.
  • Why keeping detailed notes in a separate handout can help audiences to engage with your content in the moment.
  • Why you should aim to be able to summarise your content in a sentence.
  • What makes a great speaker.


Katherine Brooke-Mackenzie:

  • The importance of having a structure, frameworks and stories
  • How humour can help with taboo topics.
  • Why you need the loo before a big talk.


Sarah Archer (Can You Make Boring Subjects Sexy?):

  • Why there are no boring subjects
  • How you can make ordinary extraordinary
  • The three laws involved in making a message go viral and how they apply to your speaking
  • The three tools you can use to make any topic sexy



Guest Links:


All things Karin:


Life of Pi by Jann Martel



All things Malcolm:

email: [email protected]


Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill

Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill (Original)



All things Katherine:


Books and resources*:

The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton

Sarah’s Books and Resources:

Framing Your Talks for Bigger Impact - 050

My Snackable Story Challenge

The Speaking Club ‘Live’ Membership

Grab your copy of Straight to the Top - How to Create and Deliver a Killer Elevator Pitch

Grab your copy of Cracking Speech Mate - How to Add Humour to Make You An Amazing Speaker

Canva - online graphic design tool

The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

Framing Your Talks for Bigger Impact by Sarah Archer - Episode 50  

Full Episode Links

Episode 011 - Technically Speaking! By Sarah Archer

Episode 030 - The Natural Law of Good Public Speaking with Malcolm Gregory

Episode 074 - How a Self-Proclaimed Geek Ditched the Facts and Turned Public Speaking from a Waking Nightmare into a Golden Opportunity with Karin Layton

Episode 079 - Tips for Good Health and Tackling Taboo Subjects in Your Talks with Katherine Brooke-MacKenzie

Episode 160 - Can You Make Boring Subjects Sexy? By Sarah Archer

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