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Tips for Applying the Spice and Seasoning to Your Talk - 243

Nov 30, -0001

If you’ve listened to many episodes of The Speaking Club, you will no doubt have heard me share that a talk should be planned and scripted, but that at the right time you should let go of the script to bring the talk alive for you and your audience.

That is what this episode is all about. 

As you know, I teach a talk structure that I developed to make it easy for you to engage your audience with stories, whilst also moving them onto the same page as you, so that they are more likely to buy into your idea, change, product or service emotionally and logically. 

But, as I always say, the content is only half of the equation to becoming a great speaker, and the other half is about how you deliver the message and those stories. 

It’s important that you’re able to lift the content off the page, and breathe life, personality, emotion and performance into it, so that it becomes compelling for your audience and exciting and easy for you to deliver.

What I wanted to do in this show, is share an excerpt from a coaching session with Catherine Weetman, one of my Nail Your Signature Talk clients. Catherine is an expert, advocate and thought leader in the circular economy space and she has a difficult path to tread with her message, so that she brings her audience with her.

We talk about how she can do that, and some ways to add the spice and seasoning into her talk!



What you’ll discover:

  • Why it’s important to share your opinion.
  • How to be a thought leader and keep your audience with you even when you need to be critical
  • The ‘push’ and ‘pull’ of the audience journey. 
  • How the performance of a talk can make it so much more powerful.
  • Why it’s important to be playful in rehearsal.
  • How you can add more humour to your talk by changing perspectives.  


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